Incisional HP
SurgiTouch™ and Scanning HPs

About AcuPulse™

AcuPulse will help you attract more patients for a wide variety of skin care procedures. If you play it right, its high ROI will return your investment in 6 months! AcuPulse is a versatile and intuitive for use powerful ablative platform. It is a contemporary multi-application laser in a compact and elegant design, which will get you amazing results for more and more patients. It is really All You Need!

About AcuScan120™

The fractional scanner AcuScan120 can operate in both deep or superficial modes, or even combined! A disposable tip keeps your performance accurate and your patients safe at a low cost.

About Incisional HP

Use the 125mm Incisional HP for a precise, clean incision with minimal bleeding. Achieves exceptional results in blepharoplasty.

About SurgiTouch™ and Scanning HPs

The SurgiTouch controlled scanning capabilities empower accurate full resurfacing and precise tissue ablation for a variety of indications.
With a large scan size tunable up to 15mm in diameter, it’s the perfect tool for keratosis, wart and mole removal, skin tumors, pigmentation and other lesions.